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Madicon 21: Time to Drink

7 March 2012 by

Madicon is a Science Fiction and Fantasy convention at James Madison University in Harrisonburg, VA on March 9-11. They are celebrating their 21st con this year. The con is run by the Science Fiction Fantasy Guild, a JMU student organization.

The con has had a number of distinguished guest at the con over the years. The Guest of Honors for this year are author Leona Wisoker, whose debut novel, Secrets of the Sands, was the start of her Children of the Desert series. Jack McDevitt Nebula award-winning sci-fi author whose work deals frequently with first contact situations. C.J. Hendeson author of the Piers Knight series, Teddy London series and some 70 other books and/or novels. Award winner Danny Birt is a man of many talents, he has written both fantasy and sci-fi stories, is an editor, a filker, teacher, and always looking for new hobbies. Singer/songwriter Jonah Knight whose work has focused on ghosts, monsters, and hauntings; his latest work has infused a steampunk sound into his supernatural songs. Kelly Turnbull author of the webcomic Manly Guys Doing Manly Things.

The Star Wars 501st Legion and the COMARR, a medieval fighting troupe, will both be there. The 501st will have total control of one room to do panels, show fan films, and more with. COMARR will be doing demos on stage. Various performers from James Madison’s School of Music will be doing a concert of music from various video games. The vendor room will have vendors with games, miniatures, books, comics, cards, video game swag, cosplay goods, t-shirts, and plushies. Artists in the room will be Hershel Brewer, Renee and Sarah, and costume judge Elizabeth Strauss. The DarkWood Manor Haunted House will be there to promote itself too.

The con will have a LAN room, console room, con suite, vendor area, art show, and charity auction. Events for the con include Geek Karaoke, open and organized gaming, a rave with DJ SaSu on Saturday, and a Birds of Prey show. This year’s annual Madicon LARP will be Werewolf: The Forsaken run by the local Camarilla chapter. A costume contest will be held on Saturday for homemade costumes, judged by three experienced costumers. Tournaments for Battletech, Warhammer 40K and Fantasy, and Magic: The Gathering. Money raised at the charity and geek auction will go the Wildlife Center of Virginia.

Pre-registration deadline has been extended to March 6th at $15 for the weekend, but there will be tickets at the door for only $20 for the weekend and one day passes as well. You can still register for your art to be in the art auction until March 6th as well.

I was at the con last year and had a really fun time. Very laid back and friendly. Small but in a good way. I am looking forward to returning and helping out again, even if the website is slow to update.

See more about the con on their homepage and stay tuned for more updates.

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