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Press Release: Gen Con Sign-ups Now Open for the Playtest Hall

[14 May 2013 | by | Comments Off]
SDCC 2011 Marvel Computer Game

Last year saw the successful debut of the First Exposure Playtest Hall, and based upon its popularity in year one, it will return in 2013 bigger and better than before! Now, in its new location next to the Exhibit Hall, it will be even easier to check out new games, many of which have never been played by the public

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Madicon 21: Time to Drink

[7 Mar 2012 | by | Comments Off]
Kill Bill Cosplay

Madicon is celebrating 21 years this weekend.

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Louisville Arcade Expo: For the Old School Gamer in All of US

[23 Feb 2012 | by | Comments Off]
Louisville Arcade Expo

Louisville Arcade Expo is a convention of retro gaming featuring arcade machines, pinball, and classic consoles.

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Play Test New D&D 5th Edition

[10 Jan 2012 | by | One Comment]
Dungeons and Dragons Experience 2012

WotC released an announcement Monday about their development work on the next iteration of Dungeons and Dragons. They’re looking for player feedback and offering a chance to play test 5th edition at their upcoming convention this month, the Dungeons and Dragons Experience 2012.

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Press Release: Pax East 2012

[15 Dec 2011 | by | Comments Off]

PAX East is ramping up anti-counterfeiting measures for their 2012 show.