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Press Release: Gen Con Sign-ups Now Open for the Playtest Hall

14 May 2013 by

Last year saw the successful debut of the First Exposure Playtest Hall, and based upon its popularity in year one, it will return in 2013 bigger and better than before! Now, in its new location next to the Exhibit Hall, it will be even easier to check out new games, many of which have never been played by the public previously!

Managed by Double Exposure, Inc. (the company that runs DEXCON, DREAMATION, and METATOPIA), the First Exposure Playtest Hall allows designers and publishers to preview and test their newest creations before they go live! Scores of all-new role playing games, story games, board games and card games will be represented in the Playtest Hall. Players will be able to get FREE tickets to try out as many as they’d like throughout Gen Con 2013!

The First Exposure Playtest Hall will be open from 8 am to midnight on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. The hall will be open from 8 am to 2 pm on Sunday. That’s right, you can playtest games before the Exhibit Hall opens each morning (while seats are available). Players will be able to choose a game to playtest at the beginning of each two-hour slot. Designers and publishers can review full policies for the First Exposure Playtest Hall here, and complete the form at the end of that document to register.

Players will be able to sign up for specific slots when event registration opens up on May 19. To register for events, you must have a valid 2013 Gen Con Indy badge.

Any questions can about the playtest program can be sent to events@gencon.com.

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