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CondorCon Holds Blood Drive With the Mandolorian Mercs

21 February 2011 by

CondorCon is San Diego’s largest sci-fi and fantasy convention, with their 2011 event this weekend (February 25-27). The con describes itself as “… a dessert parfait (and everyone likes parfaits!) made up of confectionary layers of science fiction, fantasy, horror, art, music, discussion, real actual space science, films, gaming, shopping, partying, and food!”

In addition to being the leading SFF con in San Diego Condor also tries to give back to the community at large. And one of the ways they do that is by holding a blood drive.

Many other conventions hold blood drives, San Diego Comic-Con for instance. It’s a fairly common way for conventions and fan groups to help their communities in general.

CondorCon 18′s blood drive will be held in partnership with the Mandalorain Mercs, a Star Wars costume club exploring the Mandalorian culture of the Star Wars Universe. The Club has set the standards of Mandalorian costuming based on canon movie, comic, book, and computer game references with every member encouraged to improve their costume to “elite standards”.

The Blood Mobile will be parked at the Town & Country Hotel, next to Charlie’s restaurant in the south east section of the hotel grounds and behind the Kelly’s Steakhouse (yes, the grounds are THAT big). The Blood Mobile will be near the convention itself and you can donate at the Truck or any San Diego Blood Bank ahead of time, just use the event code CNDR.

Blood donors will get free parking.

The Blood Drive is open to the public.

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