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HammerCon Announces 2011 Dates

24 February 2011 by

HammerCon 3

HammerCon is Southern Ontario’s largest gaming convention ran for gamers by gamers. The Canadian event, now in its third year, will be held November 4-5, 2011, at the Plaza Hamilton hotel located in downtown Hamilton, Ontario.

HammerCon was created as a labor of love by the organizers of Hammer Games, an umbrella group for gaming activity in the Hamilton area, and other crucial volunteers. Their first event was in 2009 and, in my opinion, the con’s organizers make the best use of technology that I’ve ever seen from a convention. Not to mention a website with actual information architecture in place. (Sorry, is my geek showing?)

HammerCon III will celebrate hobby gaming and hobby gamers. Their plan is for the 2011 event to be bigger and better than last year’s, though specific details are yet forthcoming. However, if the program for HammerCon II: The Wrath of Con is anything to judge by than the 2011 event will be much awesomeness; Speed Gaming, Munchkin: Great Canadian Preliminaries, Call of Cthulhu Cup: Bad Rabbits
roleplaying tournament, and so on.

And now I have to start a Why-Are-You-So-Far-From-San-Diego-Ontario list with HammerCon at the top. Stupid geography, always getting in my way.

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