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The Alternative Living Expo is Happening this Weekend

2 March 2011 by

Calling all Victorians, Neo-Victorians, airship captains, goths, vamps, counter culturists, artists, musicians, and anyone interested in what one may call an “alternative” lifestyle! (Boy is that a mouthful.) This weekend at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center is “The Alternative Living Expo.” This is a three-part event featuring an “Alternative Bridal Expo,” a “Distinctive Pleasures Gala,” and a “Back Home to the Future” steampunk exhibit.

The Alternative Living Expo is being put together by some of the same folks responsive for Wicked Faire, Dorian’s Parlor, and the International Steampunk City.

Of particular interest to steampunk fans will be the ”Back Home to the Future” steampunk exhibit, sponsored by ModVic. It will include an exhibition of some of “artists, builders, craftspeople and innovative companies in the world who offer modern Victorian functional appliances, Victorian and industrial decor, steampunk art, infused technology, invention and design for your period or newer home.”

The gala “showcases all manner of fun and good living. Candy, games, home decor, elegant liquor, top-notch fashions, candy, beauty products, ice cream, music, toys, the other kind of toys, candy, gardening, trips, furniture, gadgets, services.”

And finally, the alternative bridal expo “features a dazzling array of unusual, fascinating, and different selections, both for those who are immediately looking to tie the knot, and those who are curious about what options exist and might be enjoyed.”

The Alternative Living Expo is happening March 5th and 6th, 2011 at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center in Oaks, PA. Tickets are $15 and grant entry for both days. Doors open at 10 a.m.

Visit www.alternativelivingexpo.com to purchase tickets and get additional information.

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