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The Nightmare Machine Steampunk and Paranormal Convention

[2 May 2012 | by | Comments Off]
Steampunks in the Gaslamp at SDCC 2011

The Nightmare Machine was the most unusual Steampunk Event I have attended and made for a truly immersive experience.

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Anachronism 4.5: Dracula Meets The Clockwork Man

[15 Mar 2012 | by | Comments Off]
Two members of the Hellblinki Sextet

Party at Anachronism 4.5, a gothic steampunk benefit show for Gil Cnaan, and have a very undead neo-Victorian April Fools.

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Press Release: The Lost Treasures of Steampunk @ The Steampunk World’s Fair

[13 Mar 2012 | by | Comments Off]
Steampunk Museum

The Lost Treasures of Steampunk is the latest addition to the program for the 2012 Steampunk World’s Fair this May.

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The Birth of Steampunk Conventions In the Southwest

[8 Mar 2012 | by | Comments Off]
Steve Liptak Steampunk Inventor

A quick musing on the history and possible future of steampunk conventions in the Southwest region.

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New Steampunk Conventions Premiering in the Southwest

[10 Feb 2012 | by | Comments Off]
OK Steampunk Expo 068

Steampunk Conventions are now everywhere you turn in Texas and Oklahoma. As such, I have listed the ones we are expecting, but know that several one day or single evening events are springing up that are not yet clear about details.