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Press Release: The Lost Treasures of Steampunk @ The Steampunk World’s Fair

13 March 2012 by

The Lost Treasures of Steampunk gives back to artists of the Steampunk community.

This May, the annual Steampunk World’s Fair will return to Piscataway, New Jersey with, as always, unforgettable entertainment and the largest gathering of steampunk fans in the country. But the fair is offering more than entertainment and camaraderie this year. The Lost Treasures of Steampunk is the event’s latest program addition, designed to assist artists of the genre whose works fly under the radar of most fans. The event will share some of the hidden gems of the steampunk world by featuring work at the fair as well as by awarding scholarships to the artists themselves.

The Lost Treasures of Steampunk, however, will not fund itself. Event creators hope to bring the program to life by devoting fundraising and even a portion of the event budget to its success. Event creator, Jeff Mach explains, “The Steampunk community has been good to us, and we want to give something back!” As head of an event that attracts the attention of Steampunks nationwide, he says, “We see a lot of great creative endeavors that often don’t get the attention that they deserve.” To solve this problem, he developed the Lost Treasures of Steampunk, and is encouraging those who create steampunk art, from fashion to literature, to apply for a scholarship.

Of course, besides the Lost Treasures of Steampunk to look forward to, this year’s Steampunk World’s Fair will be packed with pleasures. There will be performances from such bands as Amor Obscur and Igor’s Egg, along with appearances of the famed Steampunk Robin Hood, and much more. It is just another year for The Steampunk World’s Fair in helping the steampunk community.

More information on The Steampunk World’s Fair can be found at steampunkworldsfair.com

For 2012, the latest addition to the Steampunk World’s Fair lineup is: Psyche Corporation!

The creators of Steampunk World’s Fair are also notable for their annual
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