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Millennicon Blasts-off

17 March 2011 by

The literacy based sci-fi convention Millennicon is this week in Cincinnati, OH.  They have provided the Midwest fandom with a fine con for the past 25 years.    

Guests of Honor for the event include author Robert J. Sawyer, Young Adult (YA) author Kaza Kingsley, artists Theresa Mather, and filker phenomenon Tom Smith.  Programming participants for the con include authors Stephen Zimmer, Tammy Jo Eckhart, Mike Resnick, Tim Waggoner, and tons more; NASA Ambassador Mary Frances Bartels, steampunk group Airship Archon, medieval costume group Dalamatian Alley, programmer Catherine Devlin, and science fiction and fantasy fan club USS Aquila. 

The con has released their schedule for the con this weekend.  They have multiple rooms of programming, a video room, vendor room, art show, consuite, and gaming area. They have a series of kids programming planned, from a costume contest, crafts, and panels for youngsters.  There’s a dance planned for Friday night with a 1986 theme; the year the con started.  There will be a masquerade, karaoke, Tom Smith concert, charity and art auction all on Saturday. 

Gaming at the con includes a number of planned board games like Ticket to Ride, Settlers of Catan, Fluxx, and others.  Tammy Jo Eckhart will be hosting her Ghoul: Fatal Addiction RPG convention series on Saturday evening starting at 7 p.m. 

The dealer room consists of several of the guests and program participants selling their works.  There will also be costumers, a hobby shop, Loconeal publishing, and more.  

I’ll be hitting up the con Friday night and all of Sunday, since I’ll also be hanging out another con the same weekend, A&G Ohio.  I’m planning to bounce between the high octane A&G with the laid back feel of Millennicon. 


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