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29 April 2011 One Comment by

Back in March I wrote an article on tips and tricks for using internet search to find conventions. The part of that article that really seemed to excite people, though, was the short list at the end providing some of the convention calendar sites that I often use when assembling our Conventions This Month posts.

So, here’s a fuller collection of good convention lists and con calendar sites:

Anime Conventions Lists

Comic Conventions Lists

Furry Conventions Lists

Gaming Conventions Lists

General Calendar Sites For Fan Conventions

Horror Conventions Lists

Science Fiction & Fantasy Convention Lists

Steampunk Convention Lists

And, of course, you can always just search Convention Fans Blog itself for various convention lists.

Note: Updated by the publisher on 10/22/2013 to delete links that go to defunct sites.

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  • River said:

    Chriss – Thank you for featuring Geekcal.com in your list! We appreciate it.