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How to Pose Gracefully For Cosplay Photography at Conventions

4 May 2011 2 Comments by
A seasoned cosplayer poses for the camera (photo by Kelly Rowles)

A seasoned cosplayer poses for the camera (photo by Kelly Rowles)

Usually we see many cosplayers having their photos taken at conventions, but if you want to know how to pose gracefully and make better cosplay photos, it’s a must to grasp the below tips.

First, do not put your head and body in a line, which seems rather stiff. When your body faces towards the camera, turn your head left or right slightly. The photo will be more elegant and lively. In the same way, when eyes look straight to the camera, turn your body to a certain angle to seem more vivid, dynamic and enhance the three-dimensional sense.

Second, do not make your arms and legs parallel. Under any situation, do not make your arms and legs parallel. When arms and legs are parallel, you will seem stiff and mechanical. So, you can bend your arms or legs. What’s more, you can make them at different angles, so you get a picture with dynamic and changeable poses.

Third, straighten your sitting posture. Shot while sitting, you shouldn’t sit with your entire body into the chair. In this case, it will make your legs seem cumbersome. The right posture should be to lean your body forward and sit by the side of chair. Keep chest puffed out and abdomen in. Saggy shoulders and stomach rolls can both be avoided.

Fourth, don’t squint or scrunch your face. You should try to look into the light source to keep your face bright in photos. However, beware of harsh lighting which may cause you to squint and scrunch your face. The idea is to find a balance, where your face is well lit and relaxed at the same time.

Fifth, pose your hands properly. Hands do not occupy a big proportion of a photo. However, improper hand posture will damage the overall beauty. Pay attention to the integrity of your hands and do not make them look distorted or fractured. While being akimbo or putting your hands in the pocket, you had better show parts of your figures to avoid an interceptive look.

Having the right posture is half of the battle. To make your cosplay experience more significant, just pay more attention to how you are posing for the photographer.

Dynamic Avatar cosplayer (photo by Kelly Rowles)

Dynamic Avatar cosplayer (photo by Kelly Rowles)





  • Prof. Ewell Tarr said:

    Wonderful article! Also, as a model, remember to pose perpendicular to the camera. If you reach toward the camera you will be foreshortened and look weird! Look at yourself in the mirror, with one eye closed, and you will see what the camera sees. Also relax, and try to connect! Make it Fun!!!

  • Tara Clapper said:

    It’s also really easy to get spoiled if you know some professional photographers. There’s a world of difference between posing for a photo shoot with a pro-level photographer and posing for fans at conventions. It helps to formulate some flattering photos and expressions, especially in a series for fans who want multiple pictures.

    Props are also extremely helpful if you use them well. I’m not a very intimidating looking person, but add a foam sword or light saber and I look pretty bad ass–makes it much easier to play the part knowing that!