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Comic-Con 2011 Tix Totally Sold Out Now

30 June 2011 by
All Badge are Sold Out. Thank you for your interest in Comic-Con 2011. All of our four-day and single-day badges are now gone.

Comic-Con 2011 Sold Out notice on SDCC's Registration Page, June 30

About 5:30pm PST San Diego Comic-Con announced via their Facebook page that the last group of tickets to their 2011 event, the Hotel/Badge Packages, had sold out. Earlier today, a little before noon, the last of the Single Day Resale badges sold out – sales had opened at 10:00am and closed after an EPIC-ally stress filled two hours.

That’s all, folks. San Diego Comic Con 2011 is now absolutely, totally, 100% guaranteed sold out; the limited time hotel + 4-day badge special was the absolute last batch of tickets that SDCC had to sell.

Anyone still desperate for a ticket, beware the online scams and keep these five things in mind:

  1. SDCC does NOT deputize third party vendors to sell their tickets; you buy them from SDCC via their registrar and that is it.
  2. ComicCon does NOT mail tickets; you print out your confirmation barcode email and take it with you to the Registration area at the Convention Center starting the Wednesday before Con.
  3. Badges ARE NOT sold on site. The days of wandering up to the Convention Center to get a ticket to Con ended totally about four or so years ago.
  4. Con tickets are NON TRANSFERABLE; buying from a scalper or begging someone leaving the Convention Center to give you their badge if they don’t need it anymore violates the terms of sale and the ComicCon badge can legally be confiscated.
  5. If the name on your badge does not look like it’s your name they WILL pull you out of line and take your badge unless you can provide proof there is a within-the-terms-of-sale reason for the name to not be yours. This is NOT hearsay, I have experienced this first hand due to an issue with the Pro badge I went to 2009′s ComicCon on (the employer expected one person to go and put the badge in their name, but I went instead of them).

Given the high desirability of Con tickets and the issues with buying them, I expect there will be A LOT of onsite Comic Con ticket sales for the 2012 event. I also suspect there may end up being some additional tweaks to the badge issue for next year.

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