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SDCC Site Launches “Countdown to Comic-Con 2011″ Page

5 July 2011 by

Today SDCC released a new “Countdown to Comic-Con 2011″ feature on their site. Every other site on the internet has Comic Con coverage pages, so I guess it’s only fair that the event sort of has one of its own.

The Keep Comic-Con in San Diego! Facebook group also posted the announcement from SDCC, asking if it gave anyone else goosebumps. No gooseflesh on my own be-freckled appendages, but the news is pretty exciting.

For instance, they’ve announced that Market Street and Harbor Street (pretty much through all of the Gaslamp district) here in San Diego is decorated with Comic-Con banners. Which does help to ramp up the, “ohmygod it’s almost here” squee level.

Check out the new Countdown to Comic-Con 2011 site feature yourself. See if you share KCCISD’s goosebumps or not.

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