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Cullen Bunn to Offer Advance Copies of Latest Novel as Comic-Con Exclusive

13 July 2011 by

Comics writer and creator Cullen Bunn is known for his series The Damned, The 6th Gun, and latest graphic novel The Tooth. He has also done writing work for the Big Two, Marvel and DC; Superman/Batman #84, Fear Itself: Black Widow #1, Deadpool Team-Up (where he paired the Merc With a Mouth with The Thing), Immortal Weapons #2, and more.

The comic book world is turning more and more to established prose novelists for their writing talent and Mr. Bunn is one such. For instance, his horror collection of short stories, Heaveworld, has a four star rating on GoodReads.

Recently, on FaceBook, Cullen announced that he would have limited quantities of advances of his new prose novel, Crooked Hills, for sale exclusively at the San Diego Comic-Con 2011:

Crooked Hills is a tale of adventure and mystery for the middle grade/readers. (That’s publishing lingo for, “marketed for kids who aren’t quite tweens.”)

Young Charlie Ward and his friends uncover age-old mysteries in the Ozarks town of Crooked Hills—the most haunted town in America!

For Charlie Ward and his brother, Alex, an unexpected trip to visit their Aunt Mary in the haunted town of Crooked Hills turns into a life-changing adventure, forcing them to confront local bullies, hell hounds, dead witches, and girls with slingshots!

A throwback to classic adventures like that of the Hardy Boys, mixed with the creepiness of “Goosebumps” and “Cirque Du Freak”, Cullen Bunn’s “Crooked Hills” blends mystery and adventure to weave a fun and unforgettable story of will, friendship and family bonds.

Cullen Bunn

How can you get Cullen Bunn’s Comic-Con exclusive advanced promotional copies of Crooked Hills? How far into your con cash supply will they dip? When I messaged him about his SDCC exclusive Cullen said:
The books are $15.00, but sign up for the Earwig Press mailing list and they are only $10! Available during my signing times at the Oni Press booth (Thursday, Friday, Saturday 10 – 11:45 and 4:00 – 5:45).

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