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SDCC Fans Turned Away From Fashion Valley Transit Parking

22 July 2011 by

If you’re planning to take the trolley to Comic-Con don’t take it from Fashion Valley. After two days, MANY years, Fashion Valley has said ” enough!” and early this morning had security out turning people away.

You can understand the mall’s perspective. Sure, they have a tiny portion of the parking lot set aside for transit parking. But not the ENTIRETY of their lots.

Which I guess Wednesday and Thursday Con goers devoured. I guess to the point that no actual San Diego shoppers were able to park anywhere.

But it was still a rude surprise to roll into the Fashion Valley Mall transit center to be greeted by roped off transit parking. And chains and bars across other lots and structures. And no one to explain what the @&$” was going on.

Untill we spotted one security guard at the bottom of one lot. When we pulled up he said the parking was the malls and they didn’t want Comic-Con attendees taking it anymore.

The guard was polite but the sentiment was rude. Doubly so that it was a surprise. I mean, we’d parked there just the day before. And, being locals, years before. It was our locals transit secret.

And SDCC just had to share it. GRR.


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