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Comic Con 2011, the Waiting Game

23 July 2011 by

If you have not been to Comic Con, you should know that waiting is part of the convention. There are lines for everything from panels to badge pickup. Today though, I did a lot of waiting.

First of all, I wanted to purchase tickets for Comic Con 2012. I got to the line to purchase tickets at 7:00 on Thursday, but I was not even close to buying tickets. On Friday, I got to the line at 4:45….Yes 4:45 in the morning. I was surprised because there looked to be a large number of people who camped out all night to get tickets. The line serpentined for 4 blocks or so, and I was pretty worried. About 5:30, the line started to move and by 6:00, I was in the room where we all those who would be purchasing tickets were put. From there it was a 2 hour wait till ticket sales commenced.

I will say that one of the best things about Comic Con is the people, and I got to know a number of people quite well during the waiting period. We all shared stories about Comic Con and about our love for the convention. So, though I waited about 5 hours before I actually bought my tickets, sharing that time with my fellow conventioneers was pretty special. At around 9:45 I was at a terminal and I was able to get my two four day passes with preview night. I was stoked. Now, on to the convention.

I really wanted to see the Big Bang Theory panel, and got in line a little before 11:00 for a 12:30 panel. Bad idea. I did not even come close to getting in. Honestly, the line was probably the longest line I have ever been in, and it took me till 2:30 to get into Hall 20. It was well worth it though since I was able to see the Eureka and Warehouse 13 panels which were both great panels.

I then hit the main floor with my wife and we hit as many booths that we could find giving Freebees. Again a lot of waiting, but I was pretty much used to it by now.
Well, three days down and two to go. So much still to see and so much to do.

I wonder what I’ll see tomorrow.

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