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Star Wars at Comic-Con 2011

29 July 2011 by

Star Wars had a big presence at SDCC this year, from it’s vendor filled Lucasfilm Pavilion to cosplayers and video games. Here’s a quick snap shot of Star Wars at the 2011 San Diego Comic-Con.

Lucasfilm Pavilion

Booth 2913-A was dedicated to the joys provided by Lucas Arts. They had several small vendors with mini-booths in the Pavilion. Like Hallmark, who was debuting several new Star Wars Christmas ornaments in their Keepsake line. Some of which were Comic-Con exclusives.

And then their was the Her Universe mini-booth that I heard was selling underwear. With, I assume, Star Wars stuff on it. I happened to pass the booth and saw some girl-cut tees but no underoos. Which is just as well, because if I can think of one place I’d hesitate to buy my personal garments it would be in a crowd of sweating thousands.

Artist Draws Empire Strikes Back All Over Car

I didn’t get any details, but an artist was using nothing but a sharpie to ink scenes and images from The Empire Strikes Back over a little white car. You could just make out the lines penciled on the car.

It was pretty impressive and cool to watch.

Dude had some serious concentration going to do his thing with people gawking and shouting and snapping photos a mere 6 inches from his head. Not to mention the rest of his work space. But he just calmly went about his business of drawing.

Kinect Star Wars Revealed

X-Box revealed the new Star Wars game for their motion-sensing Kinect system. Con goers were able to play the game in the Exhibit Hall. They were waving their arms to swing lightsaber and holding their hands out to use the force.

Looked like fun.

Cosplay and Such

SDCC is known for great cosplay and the Star Wars lovers brought their A costume. There were the inevitable Slave Leias, including a seven year old little girl. Yeah, my thoughts exactly.

Here’s a quick look at the Star Wars photos from our albums:

Hybrid Star Wars Cosplay
Traditional Star Wars Cosplay

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