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Do You Know This Shirt? Reader Plea for SDCC Threads

1 August 2011 by

Here at The Convention Fans Blog we try to know as much about all things convention and fan related as we possibly can cram into our heads. And where our cranial databases fail we turn to our mad internet research skills.

So it’s no surprise that we occasionally get requests from our readers for information; stuff like “will there ever be an anime convention near me?”, “Why is it impossible for me to buy the hotel+badge SDCC deal?”, and so on. And usually it’s a matter of moments to pull the required data out of our heads or tease it from the internet.

But sometimes our research skills and mental DBs aren’t enough. And here I turn to you, readers of the Convention Fans Blog.

Do You Know This Shirt? Plea From CFB Reader

This weekend I found the following question in our inbox about a tee purportedly sold at SDCC 2011 and sported during the San Diego Festivities by fan favorite Wil Wheaton:

Hi there-

I have an odd sort of question for you. I would like to buy this ‘They Live’ shirt (as worn by Wil Wheaton) in the following picture: http://instagr.am/p/IZJqh/

It was available at SDCC 2011 but I have no idea what the name of the vendor was that was selling it. As you seem to have a knowledgable grasp on all things Comic-Con, is there anyway you know or could put the word out for anyone that would know the seller’s name? I’d be terribly grateful.

If it’s any help, another shirt they were selling depicted a breakdance scene involving Spock and a Red Shirt.

Thank you!

As loath as I am to sully my reputation of having a knowledgeable grasp of all things SDCC, I have to admit defeat on this one. I trawled the internet in quest of the They Live shirt The Wheaton is wearing in the pic, used all of my research tricks, but had no joy.

HOWEVER, Auburn, I did have an idea. You could ask Wil himself about his sweet They Live threads on his Twitter, which is @wilw. Or you could ask Felicia Day to ask Wil, since she put the same photo up on her Facebook page. Though that seems a circuitous route.

In the meantime, do any of you CFB readers out there know which vendor was selling, at SDCC, the They Live band shirt that Wil Wheaton is wearing in the photo below? (or that breakdeancing Spock tee Auburn mentioned, for that matter – I’d love one of those) If so, Comment on this post with the link to the vendor and win mad geek karma points.

Have you seen this shirt?


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