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Time Traveller’s Ball: A MidWest Steampunk Extravaganza

12 August 2011 One Comment by

Calling all retro futurist time travelers and neo-Victorian lovers! MidWest Steampunk is putting on an extravagant do in celebration of the 145th birthday of one H.G. Wells. Perhaps you’ve heard of the chap?

The Time Traveller’s Ball will have all manner of steampunktastic delights; bands, burlesque, belly dance, vendors, art, the hookah lounge, and more. What’s the ‘and more’? I don’t know, neither the website nor their Event listing on Steampunk Empire go into further details. I suppose it will be a surprise.

The Acts Announced So Far

MidWest steampunk has announced their DJ and main acts so far. They are:

Details Categorical


MidWest Steampunk will be holding their Time Traveller’s Ball extravaganza on September 24. Yes, I know H.G. Wells’ birthday is the 21st. You never had to wait till the weekend to celebrate your b-day?


Doors open at 8:00pm. Show starts at 9:00pm.

Location, Location

The Southgate House in Newport, Kentucky.


Tickets are available for advance purchase online. Time Traveler’s Ball tickets are $10.

HOWEVER, there is also an Old West Festival that same weekend. You can get passage to BOTH events for $15. That offer expires September 23, though.

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  • Nicholas Anderson said:

    I plan to be celebrating my own birthday at this event, so I can let everyone know how it went.