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Steampunk & Victoriana Rule October at MUZEO in Anaheim

22 September 2011 by

Attention retro-futurists, Wellsian chrononauts, and neo-Victorians. The MUZEO, an interactive museum and cultural center in Anaheim, California, is having some great events of the steampunk and Victoriana flavor in October!

Steampunk: History Beyond Imagination

See the future shakes hands with the past

The MUZEO’s “Steampunk: History Beyond Imagination” exhibit opens October 15, 2011, and runs to January 9, 2012. It will feature goodies like biographies of the visionary Victorian writers who inspired various scientific giants and films. Plus steampunk art, fashion, literature, and film quality props from the Jules Verne themed theater troupe Legion. The exhibit was created for MUZEO by Aeronaut Productions LLC.

Queen’s Gallery

The “Queen’s Gallery” opens October 15, 2011, and runs to January 18, 2011. The exhibit showcases folk and fine art of the Victorian era. Queen’s Gallery includes more than 400 pieces; paintings, walking sticks, weapons, personal objects of art, and rare books. Together they weave a story of artistic triumphs and social upheaval. This is a cultural landmark exhibition from the private collection of Dr. Howard and Linda Knohl, two passionate and highly respected collectors from Southern California.


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