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Get Your Zombie on This Weekend at zomBcon

21 October 2011 by

This weekend, October 21-23, is the 2011 zomBcon – a horror convention dedicated to the shambling undead. It starts today, Friday, in Seattle (Washington) and goes to this Sunday.

I know, “why the short notice” you’re asking. ‘Cause all this overcast weather has made me lazy and, honestly, my greatest ambition this month has been the obtaining of autumnally themed coffee-based beverages. So, sorry. If you don’t want to wait on my happy ass for news of horror-ey happenings, though, check out Goblinhaus’s horror event list.

Where was I? Oh, yes…

SO, zomBCon starts today. Lots of delights for fans of the meandering dead. This zombie convention has lots of cool events and guests and such.

Some Highlights of zomBcon 2011 Guests and Events

  • meet Judith O Dea, the original scream queen
  • Featured Event is Working With Romero, a two parter; “The Actor’s Close-up” and “Creating a Monster”
  • Guest of Honor is legendary SFX artist, Actor, and Director Tom Savini
  • authors John Skipp and Cherie Priest are also guests
  • Red, White, and Blue zombie block party goin’ for a world record
  • my taller half tells me that Permuted Press, a great horror-focused small press, is supposed to have a strong presence at the con.

There’s lots more stuff going on at zomBcon 2011, but I have to go sharpen the chainsaw.

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