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Away Mission: Orlando This Weekend

25 October 2011 by

Set your phasers to stun, grab your Jayne hats, and hi thee forth for this weekend is Away Mission: Orlando. Held, oddly enough, in Florida. Which some may argue is in fact another planet, so good choice on locals there Vulcan Events.

Okay, that was all a little silly, but blame the three donuts I had for breakfast.

Away Mission: Orlando is a science fiction event created by new convention production company Vulcan Events. They are mainly focused on Star Trek but they welcome the other popular sci-fi media properties.

This year the headliners on their Guests ticket are the one and only Patrick Stewart, Jewel Statie (Kaylee on Firefly), and David Warner. Other great names on Away Mission’s guest list are Armin Shimerman, Grace Lee Whitney, Richard Hatch, and others.

Away Mission: Orlando is scheduled for October 28-30 of 2011, so you can get home in time to hand out Halloween treats. The convention will be held at Hilton Orlando Resort in Buena Vista, Florida (which is near Orlando). Tickets are $35 to $89 and kids under 12 get in free with an adult admission.

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