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How Do I Get SDCC 2012 Tickets?

7 November 2011 by

So, everyone’s been asking it since SDCC 2011 opened it’s doors, “How do I get a 2012 Comic-Con ticket?”

All the answers seem to be confusing and contradictory. So the Comic-Con group put together a handy FAQ on the subject on their Facebook Page.

I want to attend Comic-Con 2012, but I did not pre-register. What should I do?

To purchase a badge for Comic-Con 2012, you must first register for a Comic-Con Member ID. The Member ID registration system will open to the general public in Winter 2011/2012. You will have 8 weeks to register for a Member ID once it opens, so there is no need to rush!

For information on the Comic-Con Member ID requirements and Terms & Conditions, please visit http://www.comic-con.org/cci/cci_reg_memberid.php

Anyone who wishes to purchase a Comic-Con badge must have a Member ID, including juniors (age 13 – 17).

Once you have registered for a Member ID and confirmed your e-mail, you will be added to our special “E-List” to receive announcements regarding registration and online badge sales. Please do not “opt-out” of e-mail correspondence if you wish to be notified when online registration opens. Anyone with a Comic-Con Member ID will receive first notice (via e-mail) when open online registration opens in 2012.

If you plan to purchase a badge for anyone other than yourself, you must have his or her Member ID when online registration opens. You will not be able to purchase them a badge without their unique Comic-Con Member ID. One badge per Member ID.

Open online registration will be the only time you can purchase a badge for Comic-Con, and it usually sells out quickly. Please check the Comic-Con website at www.comic-con.org frequently for updates, or follow us on Facebook and Twitter at http://twitter.com/comic_con for important Member ID registration and online sales announcements.

Doesn’t that sound super clear and straight forward? And what does all of that gobbledy gook that, let’s be honest, you just skimmed through mean?

So, first you get in “line”, over an 8 week (read “2 month”) period to get an ID that will later get you a place in “line” to buy a ticket when sales open.

It sounds complicated at first blush, but it’s hardly an algebraic word problem.

Why Not Just Sell Tickets, Why All This Membership ID Crap

Problem One

Every time SDCC opens ticket sales it puts a massive load on every server they try using. Server goes down and all the geeks rack up a huge dental bill gnashing their teeth.

Problem Two

Comic-Con only sells tickets once a year so they can’t afford a membership sales system on the TicketMaster level.

Problem Three

The instant badge sales for the San Diego Comic-Con open they sell out.

SO, the best way that Comic-Con, my little local hometown comic convention, can address these problems with their means is this Membership ID solution. Give people two months to say they want to attend and get themselves registered as wanting to buy tickets. Give each person who registers a place in “line” for when ticket sales open.

Kind of like how it works with big author event signings, for you fellow book nerds.

Instead of a massive rockfall of slavering fans you have an orderly line of people who don’t have to race. Decorum instead of desperate chaos.

And this Membership ID solution gives you two months to decide for sure if you want to and can attend SDCC 2012.

What Keeps One Person From Getting a Membership ID and Buying All The Tickets??!!??

Glad you asked. According to their FAQ it appears that it is one ticket per Membership ID.

So, buying a ticket for you and your friend? Each of you will need to register for your own individual ID. Than, when your turn in the badge sales “line” comes up you will redeem each of the IDs for an individual ticket.

Make sense? I hope so, because I’m done writing this article. I’ve got frivolous things I need to get up to on the interwebs.

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