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It’s WonderCon ALREADY?

13 March 2012 by

Holly speed of time, Batman! It’s WonderCon week already. I’m mildly flabbergasted. Wasn’t it JUST January? Is this weekend really March 16-18?


I so lost track of time. I didn’t get a pass to WonderCon or contact them for a Press Membership or even, you know, remember that there was a comic convention this weekend. And they even moved the con this year from San Francisco down to Anaheim. And here I am, the Tuesday before the event, a mere hour away (in good traffic) with no tickets. Or anything resembling a plan.

My keen couch potato senses are telling me the probability of a burst of motivation in organizing tickets and crash space with my friends up in Orange County in the next two days just ain’t happenin’.

Is this going to come up when my geek union card comes up for renewal? It is? Confusticat it!

I blame the soothing alpha waves emanating from my resident quadrupeds. They’ve clearly used their sinister powers in the name of lounging to keep me home and scritching their buts. Yeah, that’s it, it’s a supervillian conspiracy.

But YOU don’t have to share my comic convention-less fate this weekend. WonderCon still has memberships available. And they’ve got some exciting comic book programming lined up and a sweet looking list of Guests. And maybe, just maybe, you’ll see me up at the Anaheim Convention center. Just don’t tell the couch beasts that I’m contemplating making a break for it.

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