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Press Release: Actor/Sound Director Yuji Mitsuya to appear at Otakon 2010

[30 Jun 2010 | by | Comments Off]

Veteran actor, seiyu, and sound director Yuji Mitsuya will appear at Otakon 2010. Active in the industry since the 1970s through the present day, Mitsuya has acted in scores of anime, and has directed the original Japanese dubs of more than a dozen shows. Old-school U.S. fans may know him as Ranma 1/2′s Doctor Tofu or as Saint Seiya’s Virgo Shaka, or even as Hyouma Aoi in the classic Combattler V.

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Press Release: Production I.G.’s Nekomataya, Composer Hiroki Kikuta, and Singer/Songwriter Shihori to Collaborate on Otakon Opening Animation

[25 Jun 2010 | by | Comments Off]

Baltimore, MD (June 24, 2010) – Otakon 2010 will open with an original animated short, produced by Production I.G., as well as an original theme song, composed by Hiroki Kikuta. Once again featuring Otakon’s mascots, Hiroko-chan and Hiroshi-kun, this year’s project will showcase the convention’s focus on music.

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Press Release: Voice Actress Amy Howard Wilson to Appear at Otakon 2010

[19 May 2010 | by | Comments Off]

Baltimore, MD (May 19, 2010) – Voice actress Amy Howard Wilson will be a guest at Otakon 2010. Anime fans will recognize her voice from the shows “Star Blazers” and “The Irresponsible Captain Tylor OVA”’.This is her third appearance at Otakon and her first since 2000. Born in 1955, Amy hails from Detroit, and was “bit by the acting bug”

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Otakon 2010 – A Baltimore, Maryland Anime Convention

[22 Apr 2010 | by | Comments Off]

Otakon is an annual celebration of Japanese and East Asian popular culture, and one of the largest anime conventions in the United States. This fan-run convention keep growing, and attracted over 25,000 attendees in 2009. Because it is one of the bigger cons, if you want to attend you really should plan ahead. Otakon 2010 is taking place July 30

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Press Release: Fashion Designer Naoto Hirooka to be Guest at Otakon 2010

[21 Apr 2010 | by | Comments Off]

Baltimore, MD (April 21, 2010) – The avant-garde Japanese fashion designer Naoto Hirooka, better known as h.Naoto, will be a guest at this year’s Otakon. In addition to routine guest appearances and a showcase booth in the exhibit hall, the avant-garde fashion icon, whose signature look borrows from punk, gothic Lolita, and visual kei influences, will present a fashion show