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Press Release: Aaron Douglas to Get the Frakin’ Party Started in Phoenix

[17 Feb 2010 | by | Comments Off]

Aaron Douglas, the actor best known for his portrayal of Galen Tyrol on the acclaimed series Battlestar Galactica is returning to the Phoenix Comicon for 2010.  Since BSG ended, Douglas has been signed to star in a new show called The Bridge, which will air on CBS. Born and raised in British Colombia, Douglas has appeared in dozens of popular movies and

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Press Release: Jamal Igle Set to Attend Phoenix Comicon

[7 Feb 2010 | by | One Comment]

Jamal Igle, comic book artist, has announced he will be attending Phoenix Comicon. Igle is best known for his work as a DC Comics exclusive artist who contributes to the comic series Supergirl and comic series Firestorm. In addition to creating amazing comic book imagery, Igle can be found editing, art directing, or storyboarding for DC Comics. He has also

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Press Release: Kitsune Robot to perform at Phoenix Comicon

[4 Feb 2010 | by | One Comment]

Phoenix, Ariz.–Kitsune Robot, one of the world’s first anime cover bands, is looking forward to attending Phoenix Comicon in May. “Kitsune Robot is a great way to show how people can make their passions come together,” said Scott Haag, Music Programming Manager. “People at Phoenix Comicon will love hearing their favorite themes performed live!” Formed in 2006, Kitsune Robot are