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Louisville Arcade Expo: For the Old School Gamer in All of US

[23 Feb 2012 | by | Comments Off]
Louisville Arcade Expo

Louisville Arcade Expo is a convention of retro gaming featuring arcade machines, pinball, and classic consoles.

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BlizzCon 2011 This Weekend

[17 Oct 2011 | by | Comments Off]

The 2011 BlizzCon is October 21-22. And we’ve got a Virtual Ticket to Blizzard’s video game fest.

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Be Among First to Play Modern Warfare 3 at Call of Duty XP

[24 Aug 2011 | by | Comments Off]

Call of Duty XP is the ultimate event for fans of the video game. Among other experiences, attendees will be the first to play the new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer game.

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PAX Prime: My ‘Must See’ Panels List

[23 Aug 2011 | by | Comments Off]

There’s a huge list of panels for the 2011 PAX Prime convention this weekend. To help with the ‘what ever shall I see’ dilemma I figured I’d share my personal ‘must see’ list.