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BlizzCon 2011 This Weekend

17 October 2011 by

Whoo hoo! This weekend, October 21-22, is BlizzCon. The video game fest brings fans of Blizzard Entertainment’s properties, such as World of Warcraft and Diablo, to Anaheim, California, for two days of fun and excitement. And guess who has a Virtual Ticket? We Dooooo! *happy dance*

Convention Fans Blog will be bringing you some coverage of the event, thanks to our virtual press pass. Demand for tickets to BlizzCon 2011 was so high that, even though we contacted them EARLY this year, the event had already committed all their press tickets for physical attendance.

But you, like us, are in luck. Because even though the event is sold out they sell a Virtual Ticket that gives you all access membership to all of the convention via your laptop or TV.

The attendee in-game bonus for BlizzCon 2011 goers is an exclusive pet called a Murkablo. It’s a little murloc monster that looks like a Diablo boss. It’s cute in a demonic-sea-beast-of-fire sort of way. Which shows that maybe I’ve played WoW maybe a little too much. ‘Course, I also think lobsters are cute so maybe it’s a hardware fault.

Anyways! BlizzCon 2011 this weekend. Virtual Tickets for sale. Foo Fighters headlining closing concert. Much excitement and fun. Look for CFB coverage.

Download the convention’s mobile app to keep tabs on what you want to see.

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