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Vulcan Events Makes Name Change Amid Controversy

[14 Nov 2011 | by | Comments Off]

Vulcan Events, a convention production company new in 2010, has announced a change of name following fan confusion and complaints of infringement.

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An Update to the Vulcan Events vs Vulkon Entertainment Controversy

[2 Feb 2010 | by | One Comment]

Last week I posted a story about the apparent controversy brewing between Vulkon Entertainment and the newly formed Vulcan Events in Orlando, Florida. I recently paid a visit to the Vulkon official Facebook group, where the owners were having a discussion with staffers and attendees about the whole situation. At the time of writing my original article, the owners of

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Vulcan Events vs Vulkon Entertainment: Controversy Brewing?

[29 Jan 2010 | by | Comments Off]

I posted an article earlier this week about Vulcan Events, a convention that sort of emerged from the ashes of Vulkon Entertainment. It seems Vulkon Entertainment has now taken notice of this new convention. Funny thing is, I kinda thought Vulkon Entertainment was bust, considering its webpage has had a “Bad News” message for months now, with no further updates.