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Vulcan Events vs Vulkon Entertainment: Controversy Brewing?

29 January 2010 by

I posted an article earlier this week about Vulcan Events, a convention that sort of emerged from the ashes of Vulkon Entertainment. It seems Vulkon Entertainment has now taken notice of this new convention. Funny thing is, I kinda thought Vulkon Entertainment was bust, considering its webpage has had a “Bad News” message for months now, with no further updates.

But yesterday, reps for Vulkon Entertainment posted a newsletter statement to their official Facebook account. It is reprinted below:

Dear Valued Patrons of Vulkon Entertainment:

As you know this past year has seen incredible hardship throughout the economy and in our industry.

With your support and through diligent and committed efforts, we at Vulkon have not forgotten about you, and are committed to bringing you the finest quality convention possible.

We take pride in our values and want to make you aware of recent changes in the staff here at Vulkon.

In our efforts to successfully make it through these tough times, we’ve reduced our regular staff, without changing our core values.

Recently, another convention has decided to open in Tampa and has chosen to use a name similar to ours, HOWEVER, neither Vulkon, ourselves, nor our dear freind Joe Motes are in any way affiliated with this convention.

While we wish them well, however, we do not endorse name, nor the event.

We here at Vulkon cannot accept any responsibility for, nor endorse any part of Vulcan ‘s events. And while they may mimic our name; the quality, professionalism and fun you come to expect remains here at VULKON.

We wish to thank you for your participation and support over the years. In the next several weeks we will be sending out information to you about Vulkon’s event calendar for 2010.

We look forward to once again bringing you the same quality conventions you have come to expect from us in the near future.

Thank you,
Gary and Terri Tripp
Vulkon Entertainment

It all sounds nice enough on the surface, but did they really need to make that dig at the end about “quality, professionalism and fun” being exclusive Vulkon Entertainment traits? Probably not.

Stay tuned. No doubt more drama will ensue. In fact, I really should create a category just for convention drama. Hmm, maybe I will.

Edit: Okay, this just got even more …interesting. There’s a post on the Vulkon Facebook boards called “Staff of Vulkon.” It proceeds to ask the following: “How many of the Vulkon Staff are connecting with the ‘new’ convention in Tampa? How committed are you to Vulkon? LOL”

The responses vary, and range from “VULKON ALL THE WAY FOR ME” to there being more than enough room for both events.

We’ll keep you posted as things develop further.

(Thanks to Tom Croom for the original tip off to the newsletter)

Edit #2: Read an Update to the Vulcan Events vs Vulkon Entertainment Controversy here.

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