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An Update to the Vulcan Events vs Vulkon Entertainment Controversy

2 February 2010 One Comment by

Last week I posted a story about the apparent controversy brewing between Vulkon Entertainment and the newly formed Vulcan Events in Orlando, Florida.

I recently paid a visit to the Vulkon official Facebook group, where the owners were having a discussion with staffers and attendees about the whole situation. At the time of writing my original article, the owners of Vulkon hadn’t said much, beyond their original newsletter statement. But they’ve since made a follow up post on Facebook, namely to address concerns that past attendees were still awaiting refunds:

Wow………..a lot said here. Yes, we are aware of the refunds and that would be our first concern. We tried for ‘big’ actors during a time of terrible economy and things just happened. Stealing………Nah……

…certainly not us.As for the new convention, as I stated in our newsletter, i wish them well, but I’m sure after stealing our mailing list…ok, allegedly….they will succeed. I am aware that a lot of our patrons are quite upset at their name of choice. I guess Vulcan thought they couldn’t make it if they used their own name. they had to use a similar name to gain the confidence of Vulkon patrons. And then the 2 of them hiding their event…..even from their very good friends, is not friendship.

Its funny, they don’t want any of the Vulkon staff to make them look bad, when Fernando was ‘working’ at our last show and Javier, conveniently was our webmaster and manager for a long time. They already look bad in my eye.

While I know Vulkon owes some people money, I would never intentionally screw anyone, especially my friends. Tasha, I’d do the same for you, believe me. You are an incredible friend.

Nick, I love you for who you are! You are awesome and definitely always a part of Vulkon!

Jess, newbie staff…………love you!

I thank you all for your honesty! Norm……….hi to Denise! Miss seeing you guys !

Some more harsh words and accusations there from Vulkon, as well as an admission that there is money still owed. Looks like this controversy will continue to brew, as there are clearly some hurt feelings and trust issues related to these events.

I’m not interested in taking sides in the conflict, but as an outside observer, it seems to me that speaking negatively about another event, accusing them of stealing a mailing list, and admitting you still owe people money is not a good way to kick off a relaunch of your company.

We’ll continue to update our readers as the situation develops.

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  • yo said:

    Just have to say, there is no maybe. Javier stole Vulkon’s email list when he was shafted. It’s obvious. If he hadn’t there would simply not be bulk emails sent out to potential con-goers prior to the first con as the producer simply would not have a list until AFTER their first con.