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The Episode in Which Kelly Learns to Play BattleTech

20 January 2010 2 Comments by

The BattleTech Universe

I consider myself a pretty well rounded geek. I’m into Star Trek, but I also play PC games like World of Warcraft (WoW), and collectible card games (CCGs) like Magic the Gathering. I don’t LARP, but I know what it is. I have cosplayed. I’ve been doing online role-playing since the AOL 2.0 days. One thing I had never gotten into, however, was the whole miniatures and wargaming bit. I blame this geeky deficient on having all sisters and no brothers. Fortunately, my significant other happens to be a hard core fan of the BattleTech universe, and is quite an adept BattleTech miniatures player.

Needless to say, he finally convinced me to try out this whole BattleTech thing (after many years of trying). So I agreed to go down to our new favorite local geek store, 7th Dimension Games, and learn how to play.

I really just want to paint pretty miniatures, but I’ll humor the SO.

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