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Press Release: Star Trek Vegas Updates and Notes!

6 July 2010 by

Look out! Creation Entertainment’s Official STAR TREK Convention in Las Vegas is one month away (August 5-8, 2010) and we’re so excited to be welcoming fans from around the galaxy to be with us. With “The Creation Difference” of selling ONLY the amount of tickets we have seats for in the main theatre EVERYONE who attends will see all the stars and events of the day! With this and general admission prices of $30 to $35 a day, the Vegas show is certainly the entertainment bargain of the summer convention season. Celebrate fandom Creation style in the entertainment capital of the world, Las Vegas!

If you are into Star Trek you have to be with us, just check out some of the amazing features of the convention and join us to honor the incredible legacy of Gene Roddenberry: close the doors on the outside world for four days and create some memories to last a lifetime!

• Over 70 Star Trek celebrities on hand to appear on stage, meet fans, sign autographs and do photo ops! Our very best guest line-up ever!

• The appearance on stage together of William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy is sure to be a true highlight of the weekend and at this time it is the only announced appearance together of this amazing duo on the schedule! They are magic: witness show business history on Saturday of the convention!

• The return of Sir Patrick Stewart to the convention: we are delighted to welcome one of the world’s most talented actors back to our stages on Sunday, which also features the appearances of other Next Generation stars Brent Spiner, Jonathan Frakes, and Michael Dorn!

• Jeri Ryan at her very first Las Vegas Convention: please make sure to order her autograph tickets and photo ops prior to the convention as we are nearing sell-out on these!

• The exclusive Creation Entertainment Saturday NIght Gala: Star Trek Music performed by 50 members of the Nevada Pops, under the direction of Musical Director and Conductor Richard McGee. This is a wonderful evening that we love doing and we know you will enjoy checking it out!

• The world’s largest Star Trek vendors room: sellers are coming from around the world to offer the latest and greatest (and vintage too!) Star Trek collectibles!

• Join us on Saturday at 9am as we attempt to break the world’s record of most Star Trek costumed people in one place as recorded by Guinness Book. Let’s do it!

• The Propworx Auction of Star Trek props and costumes occurs on Sunday but attendees can check out all the articles up for auction in the days prior. This auction is on top of Creation’s famous no minimum bid auctions which are featured throughout the weekend: we’ve been working all year to collect some outrageous items for our auctions and we think we’ve done just that: wait until you see some of the never before seen stuff we’ve found!

• Aliens in the Atomic Testing Museum Party takes place on Thursday August 5. This off-site adventure features our guest aliens Armin Shimerman, Rene Auberjonois, Casey Biggs and Marc Alaimo and potentially YOU!

• David Gerrold, writer of “Trouble with Tribbles” is on hand to offer a writers workshop entitled “The Trouble with Scribbles” set for Saturday Morning: great for writers or those looking to gain more insight into this field.

• A special Leonard Nimoy Phototography Seminar is set for Saturday at 7:30PM. Mr. Nimoy gave this seminar with us in Vancouver and it was fantastic. What an opportunity to learn from a show business icon as he discusses his passion for the art of photography and his latest project called “Secret Selves”

• Sunday afternoon is highlighted by the famous KLINGON FEAST of 2010: chow down Klingon style with Michael Dorn and other Klingon performers!

• The 20th Anniversary of Star Trek: The Next Generation’s favorite episode “Yesterday’s Enterprise” is discussed by writer Eric Stillwell

• Q vs. JANEWAY is a hilarious improv show set for Friday starring one of our favorite comedians Dean Haglund joined by the lovely Babylon 5 star Claudia Christian

THERE’S SO MUCH MORE IN STORE… click on through for the full details!

Your “counting down the days till the fun” friends at Creation Entertainment

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