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Photos from Dragon*Con 2010

9 September 2010 3 Comments by

The other day we posted the official Dragon*Con 2010 convention report, which featured just a few of the 500+ photos I took over the course of the weekend. Now that they are all posted, cropped, edited, tagged, etc., I’d like to share a few of personal favorites with our loyal readers. The entire set of 500+ pictures can be found on the blog’s flickr account. I got a Nikon D60 DSLR just a week and a half before the convention, so I’m still learning how to use it to its full potential, but I think these turned out okay!

You’ll notice some of the pictures are of cosplayers, other photos are from the Deep Space Nine panel, there are a few from Gowron and Martok Live, photos of noted cosplayers Yaya Han and Toby Markham, and some from the Dragon*Con Annual Parade.

(Note: Click to enlarge to full size)


  • Niko said:

    Nice pics. How did I miss a Rita Repulsa?

  • Admin said:

    Thanks! I caught her and the green ranger running around on Friday in the Peachtree Food Court.

  • Marguerite said:

    Really nice photos! You capture action and emotion from people, not just the obvious surface glitz.