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Cast from the Horror Flick Human Centipede to Appear at Big Apple Comic Con

[14 Sep 2010 | by | Comments Off]

For those who were living under a rock when Human Centipede came out, it’s about a bunch of people who get sewn together butt to mouth. Wizard Entertainment, who runs Big Apple Comic Con, calls Human Centipede a “biological horror movie.” Nice euphemism, Wizard.

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Whedon Fest Cancelled Just Three Weeks Before Convention

[13 Sep 2010 | by | Comments Off]

Sorry Joss Whedon fans, Whedon Fest has been cancelled. It was originally scheduled to be held in Toronto, Canada, on October 1 – 3, 2010. At least attendees who paid are getting a refund, which is surprising. Many conventions that fold this close to the event aren’t as lucky (like in the JumpCon fiasco from a few years back).

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Ba-Con, An Ohio Convention Dedicated to Geeks and Bacon, to Happen July 2011

[13 Sep 2010 | by | 3 Comments]
Ba-con 2011 Logo

No, we’re not making this one up kids. It’s really a convention dedicated to geek culture and technology, and bacon. Yes, bacon as in the crispy delicious candy bar of meats. The kind Reddit.com loves so much. Mark your calendars bacon lovers.

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Eliza Dushku to Attend Creation’s Firefly, Buffy/Angel and Dollhouse Convention in Los Angeles

[10 Sep 2010 | by | Comments Off]

Well, well, well. Creation Entertainment has scored big for it’s monster Los Angeles salute to Firefly, Buffy/Angel and Dollhouse convention. The star of Dollhouse, Eliza Dushku, will be headlining the event. Joining her will be Nicholas Brendon (Xander from Buffy), Sean Maher (Simon from Firefly), and Morena Baccarin (Inara from Firefly).

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Press Release: Horror Realm Week & Horror Realm Convention Coming Up Sept 13-19

[9 Sep 2010 | by | Comments Off]

Only 8 days until Horror Realm, Pittsburgh’s modern horror convention, opens the doors on its second year! But we have activities and events all next week leading up to the convention, beginning next Monday. Horror Realm is September 17-19, 2010 at the Crowne Plaza Pittsburgh South in Pittsburgh, PA.