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Ikkicon 2010 – New Years Anime Style

[9 Mar 2011 | by | Comments Off]

Check out Ramon’s belated Ikkicon 2010 convention report! He attended Ikkicon in 2010 for the first time due to its location (Austin is one of his favorite towns) and the fact that they agreed to present the new award winning short film, Nickel Children, that his performance art troupe agreed to promote at various anime festivals due to its high quality use of Steampunk as art, and its underlying message intended to raise awareness of critical social problems.

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Marquis of Vaudville’s Clockwork Wonderland 2011

[8 Mar 2011 | by | Comments Off]

Clockwork Wonderland 2011 was a one-day steampunk event and music fest sponsored by Marquis of Vaudville. Check out this report from the event, along with photos of all the festivities!

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Mysticon: The Con That Gave a Stuffed Animal an Award (A Convention Report)

[7 Mar 2011 | by | 6 Comments]

This is a convention report from Mysticon, which returned in 2011 after being dormant for 30 years. Highlights include great guests, an awesome con suite, good hotel, and a special cake for the con shaped like Captain Kirk’s chair with Tribbles on it.

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Conventions This Month: March 2011

[4 Mar 2011 | by | 3 Comments]

There are many conventions this month, from comic cons to steampunk. There are doubtless fan conventions I’ve missed, so don’t forget that web searches are your friend. Here are the conventions, mini-cons and fan fess happening march 2011.

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ConDor 2011 Convention Report

[3 Mar 2011 | by | Comments Off]

Ah, ConDor Con – my favorite sci-fi/fantasy convention; your engaging and informative panelists, your literary focus, your fun themes, your all ages programing, your tastiness-filled con suite, your cozy atmosphere.