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Best Cosplay Ever (So Far This Year)

7 June 2011 by

The summer convention season is underway; steampunk, comic cons, SFF events, and more. Hurray! All of the great fan conventions that happen from June through August each year see such a stupendous range of cosplay, as if all the costumers have just been warming up during the previous five months. So, to whet your appetite for the coming summer con cosplay banquet here’s a bit of an appetizer:

Best CFB Cosplay Photos Ever (So Far For 2011)

Here’s a sampler of the best costuming photographs from our “2011 Conventions” Flickr collection, a veritable showcase of pics CFB staff took at the various fan cons we attended attended January-May 2011. There are some really great examples in here, too, of how to pose for cosplay photos.


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