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Comic-Con Resale Badges Sold Out, Some Remain in Special Hotel Package

30 June 2011 One Comment by

About 12 minutes ago (make that around 11:54-ish Pacific Standard Time) San Diego Comic Con announced on Twitter that all badges have been sold, though some remain in their special hotel package deal offer.

That means all of us still sitting anxiously in EPIC’s Comic-Con 2011 Resale Badge Waiting Room aren’t going any further in the ticket purchase process. I got all the way down to 5320 in line to register for single day ticket resales for the 2011 comic convention mega event here in San Diego.

It’s no big deal for me, I already had Saturday and Sunday badges I managed to buy back during SDCC’s main ticket sale event; I was just trying to score a Thursday and Friday pass now that I know I’ve got vacation time I can take for those days. But those ComicCon fans in the digital EPIC waiting room with me who were really depending on this returned badge resale event to get them tickets to the 2011 event are out of luck. UNLESS…

If you’ve got the cash for it San Diego International Comic Con DOES have a few of their 4-day badge+Hotel room limited time package deals for sale. They range from $149 to $209, last I checked the combo-deal page on ComicCon’s website. This do NOT include Preview Night, though some people who have purchased them say that they do; that’s hearsay and may cause a problem at reg since Comic-Con’s site itslef says these badges do NOT include Preview Night.

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