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Comic Con Opportunities

12 July 2011 by

Don’t have a ticket to Comic Con? Well, how about attending the event and getting paid for it? Go to Craigslist and search for jobs in San Diego. Use the keyword Comic Con and you will be presented with a list of jobs for the convention.

A quick scan shows that there is going to be some sort of event involving lots of people. Not sure what it is, but past events have involved Zombies in some sort of parade, so be on the lookout for some sort of big stunt at Comic Con once again. The ad is a little vague, but should be fun!!!

There are also a number of other jobs from security officers to Japanese translators available. If you have ever been a mascot, there is even a job opportunity for you.

So even if you don’t have a ticket, working the convention would be a great way of getting into the action.

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