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CombatCon Needs You to Make Their 2012 Event a Reality

29 November 2011 by

A lot of fundraising tools are springing up on the internet to help the entrepreneurial set get a hand going, so why not similar services for fan conventions and geeky art exhibits? CombatCon, a unique multi-genre convention mixing the sci-fi/fantasy convention with western martial arts, has turned to just such a tool to get fan help in bringing their second event to life.

CombatCon was new for 2011, mixing steampunk programming with horror, fantasy, and science fiction events and connecting them all with the western martial arts. They had pirate boarding tactics workshops, bartitsu demos, steam powered warmachine panels, and lightsaber duels. Oh yes, you heard that last one right. For their first year, CombatCon got the fight director for the Star Wars prequels to teach a series of special classes on Jedi fighting tactics and there was also a lightsaber duel demonstration.

So bummed that I ended up not getting to go at the last minute because my Taller Half’s gallbladder threw an epic tantrum. :{ (stupid optional organs).

ANYWAYS, CombatCon 2011 was awesome and they need a hand from us eager fans in order to make a second year of the event happen. To that event they’ve turned to IndieGogo, a service that lets independent entities, like fan conventions, fundraise. CombatCon has a goal of getting enough donations to meet the basic costs of putting a convention together; hotel fee, badge printing, supplies, etc.

The Impact

Your donation will help make sure this event happens!

It goes right to covering the cost of putting on this event, which is no small feat. If you’ve worked on a convention you know how the bills add up quickly. This includes renting a space in Las Vegas (not cheap, we promise you!), getting instructors and stars to the event, equipment needs for the lectures, demonstrations and panels, our Saturday night party and much more.

p.s if you’ve never worked on a Con then let us know your skills and we’ll put you to work!

What We Need & What You Get

Our current goal is a “bare bones”, minimum need. If we exceed that amount then we will be able to invite even more great people to the event. If we don’t achieve the goal then we’ll keep working away to raise the difference. No matter what, we will get this event up and running!

Got someone specific you want to see? Let us know if you want to Sponsor a Star! We’ll find out what it cost to get them there if you want to cover the cost. You’ll get some time to meet and chat with them too!

Other Ways You Can Help

Help get the word out! Tell anyone and everyone about the campaign. So Facebook, Tweet, Blog or send carrier pigeons to make sure that everyone knows.

In fact, you should join the Combat Con 2012 marketing team! If you have an idea of places to advertise, ways to spread the word, etc then we want you. Please email us at combatcon@gmail.com

CombatCon 2012 is schedule for July 6-8 and will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada.I’m really looking forward to their second convention (and hoping I’ll get to go to THIS one). You can see videos of their first event on YouTube.


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