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Comic-Con 2012 Member ID Reg Now Open

11 January 2012 by

The San Diego Comic Convention has opened Member ID registration. This NOT a badge purchase and is FREE. But you HAVE to have a Member ID in order to later buy a ticket when sales open.

In 2011 SDCC announced that it was changing how it’s going about selling tickets. 2011′s badge sales had such a frenzy that server after server went down. So, for 2012, Comic-Con is trying a different approach in an attempt to streamline the process. You first must register for a Member ID, which gives you the right to buy a ticket later when badge sales open. It’s unclear how exactly this is going to work once actual badge sales open.

And everyone must get a Member ID. And they do mean EVERYONE:

Everyone who intends to purchase, apply, or register for a Comic-Con badge must sign-up for a Comic-Con Member ID. This includes attendees, volunteers, professionals, trade professionals, and members of the press.

If you’re a returning member of the Press or a returning Professional (i.e. you had a membership of one of those types last year or the year before) than there’s a slightly different process for getting your Member IDs.

Quick Facts About Comic-Con Member IDs

  • They are FREE
  • There is an UNLIMITED number of Member IDs available
  • YOU make up your actual Member ID; it’s like a User Name
  • There has been an issue with delivery to Yahoo e-mail addresses, so usual “check your Spam folder” routine if you’re email is an @yahoo.com address
  • Member IDs are NOT tickets to Comic-Con and they don’t guarantee that you’ll be able to purchase a badge
  • You still must buy a badge to get in to Comic-Con, the Member ID is necessary to be able to buy a badge.
  • Each person attending needs their OWN Member ID
  • Member ID holders are emailed about SDCC ticket sales and promotions
  • The whole point is to make buying a badge easier in the future. This all sounds convoluted because it is 100% new and different

Oh, and pick yourself a damn good (read ‘secure’) password because I forsee a hacking issue in the near future.

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