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Countdown to Mystyicon

22 February 2011 by

This is the week of Mysticon in Roanke, VA.  Plans are being finalized, attendees are packing, guests are getting ready, and of course staff members are losing a little bit more of their sanity.

There have been a few updates since my last post on the con.  The con has added more guests and events.

New guests that have been added (or just didn’t get mentioned last time) to the con are from a variety of fields.  Authors Mike Allen, Marcia Colette, Jason Cordova, Bethany Halle, Pamela Kinney, James Maxey, A. R. Moler, Alexandra Christian, Paul Dellinger, Andrew Fox, Tally Johnson, Gray Rinehart, Edmund Schubert, Lynn O’Dell, Joe Tennis, and M. B. Weston.  Gaming guests Brandon Bloackmoore, Strange Aeons Presents, and John Meagher.  Artists Travis Surber, Clare Sieffert, and Amanda Gilpin.  Film makers John Birmingham, Jason Crowe, John Johnson, Ron Scott, Ian Little, Stephen Zimmer, and Tracy Staton.  More wrestlers with Tony Atlas, Ric McCord, Eclipso, and Roni Jonah.

Other guests include the Roanoke Valley Drum Circle (yes they have drumming); 7Hills Paranormal Society; costumers, podcasters, and family the Steampunk Family; paranormal investigator Chris Schlosser; photographers Jean Macfal; science author and editor John Monahan; and podcaster/writer/emcee Rich Sigfrit.  All these guests should give you an idea of the varied programming at the con.  Unfortunately they’ve had a few cancellations as well: Keith Decandido, T. Glenn Bane, David Gwin, and VAMP Investigations.  They also have listed on the guest page reviewer/press guy by the name of Nicholas Anderson.

Panels that have been announced include Ghosthutning 101, Science in the Age of Steam, and “My child wants to watch what? A Parent’s guide to anime” of which I’m scheduled to appear on.  There will be a corset making workshop where the model who helps out will receive the made corset to keep.  There is also Iron Author, a performance from the Boogie Knights, and NASA is sending a speaker for some panels.  Artist Guest Randy Asplund will be doing a workshop on illuminated manuscripts and old fashion bookbinding.

They posted gaming events like tournaments of Warhammer Fantasy and 40k, Magic the Gathering, WOW TCG, and Kill Bunnies, along with free play and a few pre-planned board games.  They still have the superhero LARP planned but the World of Darkness one had to be canceled, but fear not Strange Aeon Presents will be running there own fantasy horror LARP “Duality in Crimson.”

Extended dealers list is up on the site, you can check out what will be on sell.

Registration will be $35 at the door ($30 for children).

I’ll report back with stories, reviews, pictures, and maybe even some interviews.  I’m looking forward to hanging out and chatting with the guests and even attendees of the con, and maybe a little partying too.

Visit www.mysticon-va.com as they release more on events and happenings of the con.

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