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Madicon Just Days Away

10 March 2011 by

Madicon is this weekend and they are gearing up for it.   They have a lot planned for their 20th anniversary, adding some new stuff while maintaining the classics.

Guests lined up are authors C.S. Friedman, Katherine Kurtz, and C.J. HendersonFilker and web comic creator Rob Balder, gaming guest Brian Glass, and medieval recreation group COMARR.

They’ve recently added to the guest list chiptune arranger Inverse Phase, paranormal folk singer (filker) Jonah Knight, and author Myke Cole, there to promote his upcoming work.

They’ve posted their preliminary schedule, but they have more panels, games, and events to add to it.  Like my own panel and game.  Events already listed include author readings and their upcoming projects,  Geek and Art auctions for charity, COMARR demonstrations, the 501stand fan films in the consuite, costume contest, and Wild Birds of Prey show.  This year the con is really getting to more music with panels of chiptune and geek music, several music performances from their guests,  an open mic night on Friday, and their first ever rave.

They have games scheduled like Mutant & Masterminds, Call of Cthulhu, a Starcraft 2 tournament, SPANC, Arkham Horror, a 90’s Cartoon Superhero RPG, Shadow Run, Heroclix tournament, D&D, MTG tournament plus their Warhammer 40k and Fantasy tournaments and Battle Tech Pink Slip Tournament.  The have a few LARPs planned for the year.  One is a World of Darkness Vampire one by the local chapter of the  Camerilla and two Chtulhu LARPs from PST.  They are “Voyage of the Dammed” set on a luxury liner and “Rapture under the Stars” set during a high school home coming dance.

The art for the art auction is coming in as well.

The complete vendor listis up on the site now.  Their list includes comic and game stores, anime dealers, artists, swag, and more.  Also Studio Unseen will be there.

Keep up to date as to schedule changes and what not at their site.  http://madicon.org/

And if you can’t make it this year they’ve already done the paperwork to hold next year’s event.

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