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Gem City Comic Con’s Bright Shiny New Year

[14 Feb 2012 | by | Comments Off]
Gem City Comic Con

Gem City Comic Con expands to two days for the first time this year. They are looking for their biggest year yet and just might get it.

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Lexington Comic & Toy Con

[13 Feb 2012 | by | One Comment]
Captain America Cosplayer at Knoxville Anime & Comics Convention 2011

A new convention joins the ever-growing list of fan cons, Lexington Comic & Toy Con at the Lexington Convention Center in Downtown Lexington, Kentucky on March 24.

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New Steampunk Conventions Premiering in the Southwest

[10 Feb 2012 | by | Comments Off]
OK Steampunk Expo 068

Steampunk Conventions are now everywhere you turn in Texas and Oklahoma. As such, I have listed the ones we are expecting, but know that several one day or single evening events are springing up that are not yet clear about details.

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Image Comics Throws Itself a Party: Introducing Image Expo

[9 Feb 2012 | by | Comments Off]
Image Expo

To celebrate it’s 20th birthday, comics giant Image is throwing itself a birthday party and you’re invited. Image Expo is schedule for the end of February, 2012, and will feature a range of Special Guests from Image.

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Clockwork Con Brings Steampunk to Austin!

[8 Feb 2012 | by | Comments Off]

Clockwork Con surprised people by being unusually well organized and well run.