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Steampunk Haunted House in NYC

[26 Oct 2011 | by | Comments Off]

There are many haunted attractions out there, but most of them are pretty much the same: blood, gore, carnage, more blood. Why not try something a little different for a change?

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Convention Report: National Halloween Convention, May 2011

[11 May 2011 | by | One Comment]

The National Halloween Convention never fails to entertain convention attendees. This convention functions as a trade show–and it’s open to the public. Such a dynamic allows for a variety of vendors. Attendees can shop for discount Halloween decorations to professionally created haunt props costing thousands. The show also features talent, local groups, contests, and a popular costume ball.

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Off-the-Rack Halloween Costumes that Double as Decent Cosplay Costumes

[28 Oct 2010 | by | Comments Off]

You may be able to snatch up some discounted costumes and props. There’s some stigma that costumes should be hand made but getting a pre-made “off-the-rack” costume is a totally valid option. Here are some good ones.

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Top 5 Easy Convention and Halloween Costumes

[1 Oct 2010 | by | Comments Off]

The temperature is dropping and leaves are changing, so that means Halloween is just around the corner. You are never too old to dress up and it’s never too late to pull together a costume. No matter your time or budget, here are a few great costume picks for this haunting holiday, and some suggestions that won’t empty your wallet. Plus, any costume you create for Halloween, you can usually get a few more uses out of by wearing it to a fandom convention.