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Madicon: Almost Old Enough to Drink

7 February 2011 by

Madicon is run by the Science Fiction Fantasy Guild at James Madison University. The con is held at the college in Harrisonburg, VA and this will be their 20th anniversary. It will be March 11-13.

This might be primarily a gaming con, but they have plenty of costumers, and general science fiction/fantasy as well.

They’ve had some exciting guests in the past like C.J. Cherryh, R.K. Post, Patricia C. Wrede , Jim Butcher, Nene Thomas, and Margaret Weis.  This year’s guests include C. S. Friedman author of In Conquest Born, the Coldfire Trilogy, the Magister Trilogy and lots of other books and stories. Katherine Kurtz author of the Deryni novels other works “crypto history.” C. J. Henderson creator of both the Piers Knight the supernatural investigator series and the Teddy London occult detective series plus written some 60 books and/or novels in his time.  Webcomic and filker Rod Balder creator of Partially Clips, Erfwold, and the Funny Music Project.  Brian Glass art director of Exalted and other White Wolf properties, a former head of Madicon as well.  Plus the medieval recreation group COMMARR.  The 501st are scheduled to appear as well.

Though they are small they have all the normal con things; vendors, panels, speeches, gaming, dance, a con suite, Magic: The Gathering,  and more.  They’ve got some tournaments already lined up for the year including a Battletech Pink Slip Tournament and both Warhammer 40K and Fantasy Battles tournaments.  A Cthulhu Live LARP game run by PST Productions and a Camarilla sanctioned World of Darkness LARP.  There is an art show for anyone to send in their art, as well as have it auctioned off. They have an Art Auction, Geek Auction, and Charity Auction to raise more for the local charity Wildlife Centre of Virginia who put on great shows with birds of prey.  They also have a LAN room and console gaming.

Pre-registraion is $15 till Febuary 15th and $20 at the door for a full weekend past.

This is one of those small little cons but with a great feel.  I’ll be there to check it out, do a little panel, and run some games.  So stop by if you can, there’s plenty of hotels in the area.

Check out more about the con at: http://madicon.org

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