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Pilot Mechs at CyPhaCon 2011

[4 Apr 2011 | by | Comments Off]

Always wanted to know what it would be like to pilot a mighty mecha? You can get a little taste at CyPhaCon this April thanks to MechCorps.

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Conventions This Month: April 2011

[1 Apr 2011 | by | 3 Comments]

Here’s a snapshot of the various fan and geek conventions happening April 2011. I’ve doubtless left many off, so sing out on those.

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Mercedes Lackey is Guest of Honour for Ad Astra

[31 Mar 2011 | by | Comments Off]

Mercedes Lackey, renowned science fiction and fantasy author, will be appearing next month at Canadian SFF convention Ad Astra as a Guest of Honour.

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Frank Quitely to Make Rare US Appearance at Boston Comic Con

[30 Mar 2011 | by | Comments Off]

Scottish comic book artist Frank Quitely will be making a rare US appearance at the Boston Comic Con (BCC) in April of 2011.

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Rob Granito Called a Fraud, Banned From Conventions

[29 Mar 2011 | by | 97 Comments]
Side By Side Comparison of Art by Ty Templeton and "art" by Rob Granito

There’s been a storm of rage gusting through fandom recently, all directed at one Rob Granito. It began last week with a Bleeding Cool article and culminated in a verbal smackdown delivered at MegaCon by the irate Mark Waid and Ethan Van Sciver. Now several conventions, including Wizard World, have dropped Mr. Granito.